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Over twenty years, I have been blessed to treat thousands of clients with mental health and substance abuse issues, covering the spectrum from the most benign to the most extreme. My belief is that smart people seek help, and that the essential ingredient for recovery from anything is willingness. I am a solution-focused therapist, with regard and respect for the people I treat, and faith in the ability of individuals, couples, and families to recover and self-realize, and I appeal to people’s strengths, using talk therapy, CBT, RET, DBT, creativity, and sometimes a simple listening ear. My work with substance abusers evolved out of my own recovery and includes prevention, education, relapse prevention, codependency, and ACOA issues. In addition, I employ both writing and drama therapy in my practice, having found that many clients respond spectacularly to indirect and creative interventions.

Most major insurances accepted.

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"I have been with Maggie since 2004, off and on, mostly on… My entire world took a turn back then, and everything I knew, disappeared. If I hadn’t started seeing Maggie, I have no idea where I would be today. She is a major part of my learning to live for me. She is absolutely a huge force behind me being able to stay sober, going on 12 years now..I realize some people might think being with a therapist so long might be a bit much. Not me. My world changes on a daily basis, and knowing I am seeing Maggie, helps me deal with it. She is my therapist, my confidant, my pseudo sponsor, and also, my friend. Like Robert Frost once said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Maggie just makes it easier."

Helen A Pecoraro
Financial Services Director
Long Island Center for Recovery

"We were delighted to host a reading at canio's by Poets of Well-Being. Maggie Bloomfield, Susan Grathwohl Dingle and Nina Yavel each brought their considerable creative talents as poets and as compassionate professional to the program. Their reading was not only informative and engaging, but moving. Their poems express passion about their work, their insights, and their hopes for a better future. These are concerned poets, women engaged with the broader community, but also speaking for the interior life, with grace, wisdom and lyricism."

Maryann Calendrille, Co-owner, Canio's Books
Canio's Books
290 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963